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About Us

At Glasgow-based &I Technologies, our mission is to bridge the gap between individuals and organizations by reframing stress as an asset versus a liability.

While some view stress as universally harmful, we saw an opportunity to optimize it as a productivity tool. Our B2B platform "Moai" - named after the Okinawan concept of shared journeys - provides a holistic approach to workplace wellness.

Leveraging cutting-edge AI, Moai delivers personalized recommendations tuned to each employee's unique stress patterns and responses. Rather than just reduce stress, we empower people to thrive under pressure.

Our analytics also provide HR aggregated and anonymous insights to identify company-wide risks and guide supportive interventions. Enabling organizations to curate an environment where employees can bring their whole selves to work is key.

With an ambition to take our stress optimization solution global, we believe managing stress alone is not enough if the surrounding culture does not change. Our technology, data and compassion uniquely position us to pioneer the next generation of workplace wellbeing worldwide.

We are inspired daily to rethink conventions and unlock the potential for human flourishing at the intersection of psychology, technology and empathy.

Modern Bridge

Our Story

Working as an HR professional, I witnessed firsthand the crippling effects of unhealthy workplace stress. Talented employees succumbed to burnout and left. Those who stayed became disengaged and struggled silently with motivation and fulfillment.  

But the most concerning part was the lack of communication between managers and staff. Employees feared being perceived as weak for speaking up about stress. Managers lacked data and insights to guide supportive interventions.

This disconnect leads to a vicious cycle of rising absenteeism, plummeting productivity, and astronomical costs from turnover. Not to mention the mental health crisis among workers feeling isolated and overwhelmed.

I realized companies needed more than just generic wellness programs. They needed personalized, preemptive solutions tailored to each employee's stress response. And managers required aggregated analytics to identify problems before it was too late.

Armed with my background in psychology and a technical cofounder, I founded &I Technologies. Our mission is to bridge the gap between employees and employers by optimizing stress through the power of AI.

The name "&I" represents this shared quest for wellbeing and performance - both individuals and institutions working in unison. The time has come to start conversations, not silos, around stress. Together we can thrive.

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