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We will help you navigate from stress to eustress

& I is a B2B digital health company that focuses on using technology to improve everyday life. Our product Moai which is an AI driven app, aims to understand and prioritize an individual’s reaction to stress and help them plan and direct that energy towards productivity rather than panic.  Our proactive approach will help not just individuals but also businesses in dealing with issues such as attrition, absenteeism or even presentism. The  UN’s sustainable Development Goal of Good Health and wellbeing is at the core of our product offering as we address the issue of Stress and its effect on physical, mental and social wellbeing .

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Stress is inevitable and that’s a fact. It is increasingly becoming a part of our lives and it can stem from any aspect be it workplace, personal, financial, social etc. However stress is often misunderstood.
Stress isn’t the enemy but how we perceive it, is. Stress can be classified into 4 categories; Bored, Eustress, Stress and Burnout and each individual has a different threshold for the same.  What many don’t know is the difference between actual and perceived stress and most suffer from the later. The Gen Z’s have reported to feel more stressed than the baby boomers and this is because of lifestyle changes, societal changes and the profound impact of technology in our day to day life.
We are here to Redefine Stress by educating and reinforcing the basic concepts of stress as well as help individuals optimize on “Eustress ” also known as positive stress; the right amount of stress to help one be motivated and productive.
Having worked in the corporate sector and knowning how the HR departments function as well as having an awareness of its predicaments in terms of its relationship with the employees and the employers.  We have developed a product and service that can help bridge that gap and strengthen the communication between the two (employer and employees) while constantly striving to maintain a safe place for all.
Wellbeing is the core of human existence be it physical, mental or social, a loss of balance in either can lead to great repercussions for an individual and the society at large.

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Our AI supported app Moai will help users prioritize their reaction to stress , help them identify between negative and positive stress while directing them towards productivity. The main feature of the app is to capture social and psychological factors using our AI driven Chatbot as well as chat based counselling. We aim at creating more awareness around “Eustress” also known as positive stress; the right amount of stress to help one be motivated and productive. The focus is to help companies understand the struggles of their employees better by assisting the employees in identifying and managing their stress levels while focusing on optimizing positive stress (eustress).The employers can benefit from an aggregate and anonymous insight on their employees mood, motivation and stress levels hence helping them deal with absenteeism and employee retention.

The name 'Moai' is derived from the okinawan culture in Japan. Moai- meaning meet for a common purpose, has been a long standing social support group culture followed in okinawa where people live extraordinarily better and longer lives than almost anyone else in the world. Similarly we wish to build a safe space for individuals to communicate without being afraid of any judgement or bais against them.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, simply get in touch.

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Impact on Healthcare

of NHS budget which is an approximate £70 million is said to be utilized in treating stress induced illnesses.


Impact on Individuals

of adults in UK have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope with it.


Impact on Economy

annually is lost due to stresss/anxiety related illnesses caused by workplace stress, In other words approximately 13.7 million working days are lost each year in the UK.

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